Rich Dad Education

Robert Kiyosaki uses the idea of having two dads to sell financial education. The lessons of each “dad” create the context for learning more about personal finance and how to become rich.  He takes the lessons from his Rich Dad to share the secrets and methods to financial literacy and uses his Poor Dad as a case study of what not to do and how not to think about money.

Robert has written many books on Real Estate Investing, Getting Rich and Entrepreneurship. When you attend any of his seminars you will learn many ideas and tactics but ultimately you will be sold into a real estate investment course.  Robert like most of the “gurus” in this space do not show up at the events.

In addition to the many books and seminars, the Rich Dad company offers coaching, games and an online community to help you become financially literate.

Robert even wrote a book with Donald Trump “Why We Want You To Be Rich”.  They teamed up to tout financial education as the critical key to solving the money problems of the individual, the nation and the world.

If you have attended any of the Rich Dad trainings please share your review below.

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Craig June 17, 2012 at 7:02 am

The 3 day course was an excellent value for $199. I took most of the sales pitch for the Advanced training in stride soaking up all the almost free information I could. In the end no matter how much I liked Alan our trainer, I was unable to overlook the overwhelming amount of questionable value and tactics witnessed by many.

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