Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a real estate investing “expert” who teaches people how to invest in real estate.

His personal story of  his first venture into real estate investing is told in his book “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today.”

Dean Graziosi Provides Real Estate Investing Education Resources in addition to his books.

  • His real estate investing course is titled: “Think A Little Different”. It claims to teach people how to make money from Real Estate Investing in a variety of ways.
  • Dean also offers real estate investing advice through an advanced real estate investing training program (aka coaching or mentoring).

Like all the “gurus” profiled on this site Dean claims that no matter what cycle the real estate market is in that if you use his step by step “system” you’ll make money.

If you bought any of Dean’s training did you have success? Did you make your first million?  Let us and everyone else reviewing Dean’s program know about your experience with a comment below.

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GREG BILLINGS January 3, 2012 at 7:43 pm


PFred November 14, 2016 at 9:06 pm

Nope, no luck at all working with Dean’s cohorts. We went to the free seminar in our area where they give you some free materials and then make their RE programs seems flawless and so easy to make $$ and then they start the selling tactics. I made the mistake of buying the first training programs for about $1500 or so. Then we attended a 2-3 day seminar in Mpls where they talk you into spending money you don’t have, whether you need to beg, borrow or steal whatever money you need to pay for additional training materials. We should have paid attention to one individual who was there who they figured out had come there to cause trouble. He was there telling certain people he was sitting near about the unethical business practices of Dean Graziosi and his “Inner Circle.” They kicked him out before he could speak to anyone else. That should have been warning sign #1!! I did borrow money from my 401K and took cash advances on a couple credit cards to pay for it. That put us behind around $25,000-30,000. We were told the next seminars given by Dean and his business partners would be in Vegas. Once we got there, the sales pitches started again. They were selling Tax Liens, legal services, probate properties, along with additional training. They have people who are paid to get the crowds motivated and hyped up and I’m sure some people who talk about their success stories are planted so you believe everything they are telling you. They tell you you will have unlimited support and one person who will be devoted to helping and mentoring you through your first sale and he eventually quit calling. The people at the original seminar whose contact info they give you NEVER calls you back EVER!!! They tell you banks will sell properties for pennies on the dollar, which is a downright lie!! They tell you the tax liens are easy money. That’s a HUGE lie. They don’t bother telling you the properties could have additional tax liens and if you aren’t the first tax lien on that property, you might as well flush whatever money you paid down the toilet. We bought 3, we eventually got paid for one of them but at a loss. Eventually, we were enrolled in a “Boots on the Ground” class where they have a group of fellow investors wander around the cities looking at properties that are foreclosed on and in horrible condition. You are then supposed to figure out how much you can get this house for and what needs to be done to get it in good enough condition to sell to a home buyer and how much of your money will be needed to get it fixed up. We worked our asses off trying to buy properties. We called banks, realtors, looked at hundreds of properties in our area, drove around non stop. I work a full time job, my husband is retired. We were stressed out because of the money we had already spent and trying to buy properties. Needless to say, IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! What it did do was cause a lot of stress on our marriage. It also caused me to be so far in debt that when my sons weddings came up, I had nothing left to contribute to either of their weddings. We made a complaint at one point and got a small refund for part of one of the liens, which didn’t even touch the amount of debt we incurred as a result of this company and all their lies. DON’T FALL FOR ANY OF THEIR B.S. ITS A MARKETING PLOY!! THEY ARE RICH BECAUSE THEY KEEP GETTING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO FALL INTO THEIR TRAP. VEIL CORPORATION IS JUST AS BAD. INNER CIRCLE, JUST AS BAD. GUARDIAN FINANCIAL, JUST AS BAD. They have a bunch of other companies out there and just keep opening more when they get so many complaints about the others and have to close them. That’s also why they are located in Utah. The financial/legal property laws there are different. I am still paying my debt off 4 years later and as you can see, I am STILL ticked off about it all. If someone wants some training material, you can have the box of crap I paid over $25,000 for them for a lot less.

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